Welcome to our website, If this is your first visit to our world you may feel overwhelmed by the volume of shorkie information we offer within our site. But do not be discouraged.  Our site is NOT intended to be read all at once. Our site is designed to present important topics you should know when looking for a new family member weather it be a shorkie puppy or another breed of puppy. We encourage you to make it a habit to return often and view our information and shorkie babies.

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meet our family and see where our shorkie babies are raised. All of our dogs are raised in our home and under our feet…

Here at shorkieworld it is my passion to help every puppy parent bring a healthy, happy,  well breed shorkie puppy into their family, home and life.  Since 2004 we have been here to help puppy parents every where adopt the perfect, Huggable, Lovable, Sweet Shorkie/Furbaby

Our website has taken years for us to put together and we are always staying educated and adding information to it. It is our passion to have the BEST puppies but also offer all puppy parents lots of information so they can make an educated decision. Please take the time and read all our pages.  I hope you find our site and the information on it useful in your search for new furbaby.  Here at ShorkieWorld, we strive to make adopting your new furbaby online a PLEASANT, SAFE  experience. 

When it comes to our puppy parents I am always here to answer your question. I do not have pups all the time, so I always if you are wanting to adopt a puppy from me to get on my reservation list.  My puppy parents on my reservation list always get to see the babies before anybody else. My focus is to produce the BEST of the BEST and this takes time, and we always are looking to improve our furkids one generation at a time.
Breeding is a labor of LOVE and  it should not be taken lightly. When a puppy parent adopts a puppy they are making a life time commitment when a breeder breeds a litter of pups they are also making a lifetime commitment. This  is a join adventure for both of us, me as the breeder and your as the puppy parents.


The shorkie breed can be a wonderful breed for all ages. Shorkie puppies come in many sizes and colors. Most of our shorkie puppies are in the 7-9lb range when full grown. Our smallest shorkie puppy has been 3lbs full grown and our biggest has been 14lbs. But Shorkie puppies can be any where from 3-18lbs depending on the genetics behind their parents. I know of one breeder that had a shorkie puppy get to be 26lbs. When looking at shorkie puppies you have to remember what the AKC standard is for the purebreds.  You will also need to look back 5 generations on each side of the parents to see what size all ancestors are.